Amanda is a multi-generational resident who was born and raised in Angels Camp. She currently serves as the Mayor of the City of Angels, the only incorporated city in Calaveras County. In addition, she owns and operates her family cattle ranch and recently revived the Utica Mansion Inn as an event venue. 

Amanda is Deaf. She was born with medical issues and the medication to keep her alive made her become Deaf at infancy. Amanda acclimated to her environment by teaching herself to read lips and to socialize like her peers.  Amanda's parents did not know until she was 7 years old that she could not hear. Even after learning about her Deafness, Amanda continued to be resilient and adapted to learning in a mainstreamed classroom.

After graduating from Bret Harte High School,  Amanda attended Gallaudet University, the only Deaf university in the world, located in Washington D.C. There she was introduced to many services she was unable to access growing up in a rural community such as learning American Sign Language and immersed herself in the Deaf Community. Amanda then transferred to Sacramento State where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in International Relations. While at Sacramento State she interned with a number of legislative offices such as Congressman Lungren, Senator Harmon and the Republican Senate Caucus where her work was researching legislation, op-eds, and engaging with constituents.



Civic Engagement :

Amanda continues her civil service by working for different federal agencies. In 2014 she moved back home to Calaveras County and ran for City Council. She ran a campaign with a mission that a younger generation was being heard and represented. Amanda continues that motto today and believes that as an elected official it is her responsibility to build unity and a healthy foundation for all generations. 

In addition, Amanda was appointed Mayor in 2018 after serving 2 years as Vice Mayor which triggered a nationwide frenzy as she became the first Deaf Female Mayor in the country and the youngest to be Mayor for the City of Angels. After being re-elected in 2018, Amanda was re-appointed Mayor in 2019.


Why Amanda is Running For District 4 Supervisor:

Amanda feels that the needs of the county could benefit from her experience as Mayor of Angels Camp. Under her leadership as Mayor, Council set goals and developed a strategic plan which lead to a balanced budget and creating financial policies including a reserve policy, and a revenue and capital improvement plan. Partnerships have also been created and fostered with local organizations leading to stronger community involvement. 

Amanda looks at the strides made in the city within the last two years and believes she has the leadership to accomplish the hard tasks and engage others. Her goal is to merge traditions with new and innovative ideas in order to have a better and sustainable future for Calaveras County. She believes it is time for those that live and work in District 4 to have the representation it deserves. 

Amanda hopes that you want to be part of the future by voting her District 4 County Supervisor in the Primary Election on March 3, 2020. 

Committees and Boards

Local Agency Formation Commission

Local Agency Formation Commissions or LAFCOs are regional service planning agencies of the State of California.  Amanda has served as Vice Chair & Chair of the LAFCO.  Amanda's presentation on fiscal responsibility was presented at the 2017 Cal LAFCO Conference. 

Utica Water and Power Agency

Utica Water and Power Agency is a JPA  which includes the City of Angels and Union Public Utility District.  Amanda has served on the board in both 2017 and currently in 2019. While on the board Amanda has advocated for more collaboration with partner agencies, supported CIP master plan, serves on the budget committee, participated in the selection  of a new GM, supported PERs for employees.

Environmental Quality Policy Committee

 Environmental Quality Policy Committee through the League of California Cities. Amanda was recently re-appointed for her third term.  Amanda is the only rural city representative. She advocates for the rural cities and communities by influencing policy changes in legislation in Sacramento. 

Calaveras Council of Governments

 Calaveras Council of Governments (CCOG) was formed in January 1998 under a Joint Powers Agreement as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for the County of Calaveras and the City of Angels.  Amanda has been a board member since 2015 and is currently the Vice Chair. 

Calaveras Transit Authority

Calaveras Transit Authority is a JPA between the City of Angels and Calaveras County.  Amanda represented the City in the creation of this new JPA with Calaveras County. She has been proactive in ensuring constituents of Angels Camp are represented.  Amanda currently serves as the Vice Chair of CTA. 

Central Sierra Economic District

CSSED is a 5 county economic district that serves the County of Alpine, Amador,  Mariposa, Calaveras and Tuolumne along with the Cities of Sonora and Angels Camp. 

Amanda has served as a board member from 2015-2018.