Calaveras Transit Authority (CTA)

Living in the foothills, we are unique in our geographical location, which means access to transit can be challenging. As a founding board member of Calaveras Transit Authority (CTA), my goal is to ensure D4 is represented and has access to public transit. 

As Vice Chair of CTA, I supported free rides for Columbia College students, brought back the Saturday Hopper from Angels Camp to Murphy’s, and supported the move to create a new authority in partnership with the county and community members. This reduced the bureaucracy to ensure constituents are not held hostage to the current board of supervisors’ inability to respond to essential services our constituents count on every day.


Calaveras Council of Government (CCOG)

During the past 5 years and currently as Vice Chair and Executive Member of Calaveras Council of Government, I demonstrated the experience to work with our partners to reach a common goal. During my tenure, I supported and found funding for the turning lane at Poker Flat. It was not a one-man job. This took collaboration from an elected team.  

In the fall of 2019, my counterparts and I presented a proposal to the CCOG for road re-paving. Not just in D4, but our entire county. That was a huge milestone that The Executive Committee and the Board were able to accomplish under unified objectives. 

Other projects I have chaperoned or supported include funding for: Valley Springs Elementary School, Bret Harte High School, and sidewalk projects in both San Andreas and Angels Camp. It will be my priority as your Supervisor to support the completion of the HWY 4 Wagon Wheel project from Copperopolis to Angels Camp. 

My track record of leadership at the CCOG is testimony that I have the ability to support and advocate to make our transportation needs met in Calaveras County.

Under My Leadership

The City was able to partner with the Angels Camp Community Club to apply for grant funding. The Angels Camp Community Club paid for the grant writer to apply for Prop 68 funding which allows the city to potentially see $4 million for parks and rec.

I lead the support to purchase 12 acres for the Angels Creek Trail, that will provide recreational trails from downtown Angels Camp to New Melones reservoir. This purchase allowed the city to expand its trail system to enhance the recreational opportunities in the area.

As a founding member of the Calaveras Transit Authority (CTA), I was able to bring back the Saturday Hopper and provide free rides for Columbia college students.

We have seen economic growth not only in the historic downtown but also across town. Most recently the city became home to a new light manufacturing company that will bring up to 20 new jobs and potential apprentice opportunities.