Amanda Folendorf


Continuing to support the project completion and advocating for finding more funds to complete the eastern segment of the project. Have been on the CCOG since 2015 supporting this project that previously 3 decades ago my own father initiated while he was on the CCOG after its formation.

On March 2, 2022 Phase 1 broke ground on construction from Bonanza Mine to Appalossa Road with a completion date of late 2023. 

Continuing to support the project completion and advocating for residents of Copperopolis to have a voice in how to preserve their community while planning for growth and advancing amenities  that families need. 

Supporting both park and recreational plans across the district from Angels Creek Trail to Melones Lake, Bicycle routes, and working with community members and Park and Recreation Commission at the county to find solutions for Copperopolis area a public space for recreation.

Advocating for a 5 year strategic plan that addresses financial planning. Just recently in 2021/22 FY budget the BOS approved contracting with services to help the county set long term goals that align with its priorities as well as mirror financial planning to implement these goals.

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